Upgrading your pc could save you the price of a new one !

After many years of loyal services, you might found your PC / Mac resources to be missing.

As years go by, updates require more and more storage and ressources from your devices. They are different components that can be replaced in a computer in order to give it a new youth !

The high speed alternative : SSD

You might have heard those 3 letters time to time SSD. It stands for Solid State Drives. It is in fact an integrated circuit hard drive.The big difference with your old HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is that there are no moving parts inside the SSD. So instead of having moving parts (motors, plates, read/write heads,..) the SSD will use a Flash memory. The performance between a SSD and a HDD could be compared to day and night !


From a cost point of view, a SSD could cost around AED 500 depending on the model and capacity. Once installed, the speed difference will make you think you’ve got a new powerful PC / Mac !


The RAM Memory :

The ram memory allows you to multi task and to help your laptop to Random Access Memory on programs that you are actively using.

Most of PC / Mac come with a standard amount of RAM Memory. This amount might become too “low” with the new requirement of programs updates. This can be increased as well during the SSD upgrade.

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